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Robert F. Smith, is the founder of The Kindness Walk. It was inspired by his non-profit organization, “The Little Green Apples Project,” and the mission is to inspire others to do intentional acts of kindness. (Throughout this website you will see some of Robert’s successes.)

The Kindness Walk all started because Robert met Tyler Renfro, a little boy in Stayton, Oregon, who has severe autism and diabetes. Each day Tyler struggles, but a trained service dog for these two diseases could save Tyler’s life. . So far with Robert inspiring others also to join him in his efforts over $4,000.00 has been raised. ($15,000 needs to be raised.). Robert is determined to reach this goal, and you can help make this possible. Thus, The Kindness Walk was created.

Robert F. Smith, is totally blind, but Robert hasn’t allowed blindness to be an obstacle. He has perfect vision of the heart and this has caused him to make a difference in the world around him. Robert will begin his journey of over 400 miles starting on October 29, 2018 to November 20, 2018. Robert, although totally blind will walk from Long Beach, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. He will also be crossing parts of Death Valley. Robert has organized a good team of people to assist him and more are coming forward each day.

Each step of Robert’s journey will be to accomplish the following: Recognize Veterans in every town or city he travels through with an American Flag that was created by Veterans. ( (Robert will pass thru 50 towns and cities.) Local Lions Clubs and others are helping to make this possible. In addition, Robert is reaching out to individuals with disabilities and children with life-threatening challenges. We would be delighted if you would join us in our efforts.

“Even a blind man can see that one act of kindness makes the world a better place…and that world begins with you”

- Robert F. Smith


The Kindness Walk - October 19, 2018 to November 20, 2018. Robert will walk over 400 miles to inspire others to do Intentional Acts of Kindness. During his walk he will raise funds needed for Tyler Renfro to get a service dog to meet the needs for his severe autism and diabetes. In addition, he will Honor Veterans in every town and city he travels thru; reach out to people with disabilities and children with life-threatening challenges.

THIS IS US - Octobert 7, 2018. In Las Vegas, Nevada, at Sam’s Town. We have been asked to participate with the non-profit Life Long Dreams, who reach out to people with disabilities to allow them to share talents they have in the arts. They are matched with celebrities, singers, dancers and others who make this a special night. We will be updating you with more info soon.

Distribution of 1,000 Games and Sock Puppets. Before the Christmas holidays of 2018. Everyone can participate in this event as these are going to our deployed soldiers, non-profit groups, schools, churches etc. You assist by donating or sponsoring this event. Contact us today.

The Kindness Walk 2 - Summer of 2019 Dollywood to The Grand Ol’ Opera. It is Robert’s intention to share the same mission, but this time he will ask involve Country Western Stars to join him.

The World Series Toss To Target Game Tournament. (Dates to be determined) Robert wants to enlist non-profits to be a part of a National World Series Tournament. His dream, do it at every minor and major league baseball field throughout the country, and help Raise Money for organizations like Little League, Boys & Girls Clubs, The Children's Miracle Network, etc. Robert believes by having the kids involved in all these organizations would be great. The best part...Every child would share an intentional act of kindness they are going to do or have already accomplished. Robert may be blind but he has vision. As you are reading this, why not help Robert to accomplish this. We are waiting for you to join us.

The Best Gift Of All This Christmas Song Debut. In the Fall of 2017. Robert and some of his closest friends, created a song that was originally written by the famous Les Baxter. It was song that wasn't totally completed so with the help of a few of Robert's friends, it would only take a few months later and the song was recorded in the original Beach Boy's Studio. The song kept the magic of the time it was originally written, and with added words, it shares an intentional act of kindness....the giving of our love. You will be able to purchase and download this song to help further Robert's projects.